Monday, 12 November 2012


Didn't go to school today. Rashes all over my arms and legs and they itch sometimes, but not too badly. Caught them from my brother, who had them last week. I slept beside him the night he got well, but I guess he wasn't well after all.

He came home earlier than usual today, because apparently he's got a fever. :( He threw the door open earlier this afternoon, eager to do something with me. I made him take a bath and rest, first. Ate talaga.

This is what we sick, bored kids did this afternoon while listening to Underoath. Luis' request.

We decided to paint on a canvas with no subject matter in mind. 

"Let's each paint half of the canvas!" I suggested. 


I drew a line in green paint to separate our halves of the canvas and we began to paint.

What our canvas looked like before we started painting. I don't know why, but Luis squeezed a generous amount of purple acrylic paint from the tube and painting the wooden things that come with the canvas before actually painting the canvas.

See them on that plate near his leg? That was supposed to be his palette, but oh well.

We didn't even plan the painting, but both sides ended up being connected to each other. Luis said his side was a representation of the Philippine flag, and my side had a brown-skinned man with a sun-like shape and a red handprint.

I have no photography skills, I know.

We signed our names with red on the side. We had a lot of fun, and I'm excited for the other things we'll do tomorrow. 

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