Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ang Bagong Harana

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of watching Ang Bagong Harana, a Philippine Opera Company production, with my lola, sister, and two cousins.

It really is a musical journey every Filipino should take!

It was a musical wherein Filipino folk songs and dances from around the Philippines were showcased and interpreted by the Philippine Opera Company. The singing and dancing were both excellent, and the costumes were wonderful, and the flow of the whole show was just amazing. It was so fun to watch, and you could even sing along, since the songs were familiar, like Bahay Kubo, Leron-Leron Sinta, Si Filemon, Lubi-Lubi, etc.

The musical showed how Philippine music and Filipinos evolved over time. Watching the Banong-Banong of Sulod, Kadangan of the Ifugao, and Pansak of the Yakan made me fall even more in love with the ethnic culture of the Philippines. I also loved it when they showed our native dances, Sayaw sa Bangko and Pandanggo sa Ilaw. It brought me back to elementary when we were learning the dance for P.E., haha.

My favorite part was Suite 4: Indio/Ilustrado/Rebolusyonaryo. They sang songs that just broke my heart, and reenacted Katipuneros going to war. I started crying when they sang while raising the KKK flags, and the Philippine flag had the red side up, too ajdfhalskjdf ANNNND THEY WERE SINGING BAYAN KO WHICH IS MY FAVORITE FILIPINO SONG EVER ADJFHJHFOWIUEFHOADSLFJD WHY DO I GET SO EMOTIONAL WHEN IT COMES TO 1896

Basically, I reallyreallyreallyreally loved the show, and I hope to see more Filipino-themed musicals in the future. I hope that as Filipinos, we will never lose our love for our country and our music.

Lola and Julles

Me, Andee, Julles, and Fumi with Arlynne Tecson, a soprano of the Philippine Opera Company

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  1. Sofifi, it's Sayaw sa Bangko not Bangka! he he :) How I wish I was there with you , too!