Monday, 27 February 2012

Sky Sailing

Here's the oil painting I submitted for ACSI. It's not very good, since it was really rushed. I actually made two paintings, because I didn't like this one. I'll post a picture of the other painting another time. I brought both paintings to Mrs. Rocha and to Ms. Linny, and they both told me to submit this one.

You might be wondering why I painted this. This is actually a remake. I made a drawing of this painting in my art journal before using markers. I changed some things, though, such as the houses below.

This painting shows how young people have wild imagination and can accomplish things that seem impossible. The girl riding a paper plane represents that. Also, when it seems like no one sees the good things you do, God does. Like the moon in the night sky, He sees you even though no one does.

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