Sunday, 26 February 2012

I've Lived A Century [Part 2]

 No pictures for this entry, sorry. Okay, so from my last blog I left off at not being able to cry. I really couldn't, so I just did my best to act it out. It really, really sucked.

 I was so relieved when I finished shooting my last scene. I finished typing up the synopsis and part of the credits. Can't post it here, since it's in another computer, and I don't remember it word for word. Our film is called 24:36 and is based on Matthew 24:36. It's about a college student named Max who doesn't believe the world is ending the next day, despite the whole world believing that it is. Our main message is to tell the audience that NO ONE knows when the world will end, except God.

 We all got along together really well. Surprisingly enough, we didn't fight. I was honestly expecting that at least some people would be at each other's throats, but nothing terrible happened. We would sing Christian songs, yell out verses, and speak prayer over the editors. Our unity and faith was amazing.

 During the editing process, I was hanging out with the others who were done with their roles. I spent my  whole time with the people who weren't editing. Marge, Migui, and Thirdy D. Thirdy R and Julio, too, mostly, but not as much as the others.

 We just kept on talking, and never ran out of things to talk about. There were times when we'd scream of laughter and just die. The whole time, none of us slept, took a bath, or brushed our teeth. We changed clothes at least once. Apart from my costume, I was in pambahay and barefoot the whole time.

 At around 6 or so am, Coach JC came in and told us that the deadline for the film was extended to 9:45am. Tenth favor.

 I'm not sure what time it was, but I remember it was morning when I had my mental breakdown. It started when I was in the library, talking to Thirdy D. I really have no idea what caused it. You know that feeling where you forget your existence for a while? As if you're just a character in a book? And you think you have no control over your thoughts and movements? That's exactly what happened to me. I normally get that feeling on purpose for fun, and it lasts about five seconds, then snap back into reality. But this one lasted for an hour or so.

 I seriously scared the crap out of Migui, Thirdy D, Thirdy R, and Marge. Coach JC just laughed because he didn't see the whole thing. Sweet was a bit scared for the same reason.

 I was laughing at everything Marge said. I was moving my arm repeatedly. I asked Marge to slap me. I kept holding my left ear while mumbling, "Mic test, mic test, is this thing on? HELLO HELLO!!" I was moaning. I was babbling things in a weird voice and staring into space. I was tracing the ceiling of the car with a Sharpie (the lid was on) and drinking lots of water. It doesn't sound too bad, but if you saw me, you'll change your mind. Ask the people who saw me.

 That was the first time it ever happened to me. I scared even myself! Marge was so scared of me, she stopped talking and cried.

 My breakdown was probably because of lack of sleep and from keeping calm the entire night and most of the morning. All the panic probably chose to strike all at once, and BOOM. I just lost it.

 Anyway, I got to close my eyes for a bit in the car on the way to St. Benilde. When we arrived, I was my normal self once again, much to the relief of my friends.

 We rushed the editing process that needed to be finished. As we were typing up the credits, the marshal announced that the deadline had extended to 11am. Eleventh favor.

 Again, we shouted verses, sang songs, and prayed out loud. We didn't care about the other college students taking pictures and looking at us.

 Later on, they extended the deadline to 12am. Twelfth favor.

 Finally, we finished exporting our film and put it in a DVD and a USB. We prayed over it and double-checked the things we needed to submit. The only thing we didn't do was watch the film, but time was short.

 Our group rejoiced at having finally finished, but there was a problem with Sweet's group. Their film was done being edited, but the video just wouldn't export. They tried everything. From praying to calling the marshals for help. We prayed really hard, but they didn't make it.

 It was devastating. After all their hard work, they weren't qualified to compete. But in the midst of trial and chaos, that's where God's hand sweeps in again. They gave Sweet's group a second chance. They're allowed to edit and submit their film on Monday. The group still can't compete, but they can win the Audience Choice Awards by getting the most number of likes on facebook. So, guys, when our films have been uploaded, please get as many people as you can to like their video. It'll be uploaded on the competition's facebook page. The title of their film is The Game of Life.

 All in all, the competition was a great experience. We watched our film later. We were shocked and slightly disappointed at some errors we found. It wasn't perfect, but I'm confident that our message was delivered. Besides, we all had fun and bonded well. And as Mark Aranal said, "The process is more important than the finished product."

 I want to thank every single person who helped us. Thank you so much! Without you, none of it would have been possible.

1. Ms. Janette
2. Mrs. Rocha
3. Coach JC
4. Thirdy D
5. Ms. Gaile
6. Tita Sheryl
7. Tito Wallace
8. Mrs. Rocha's driver

 I also thank Jireh, Crudo, Mia, James, Richmond, Danika, Kim, Jenny, Mom, Dad, Fumi, Luis, Dad's prayer team, and everyone else who prayed for us whom I failed to mention. Prayer was a very powerful and effective tool. Thank you again.

 The most important part was just seeing God's hand upon us the entire time. NOTHING can be accomplished without Him. NOTHING.

 "''If you can?'' said Jesus. 'Everything is possible for one who believes.'"

                                                                                  Mark 9:23

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