Saturday, 3 March 2012

Surrendering to Wanderlust

The wind was lovely, and the sun wasn't hot. I was done with everything I needed to do anyway.
I grabbed my phone and iPod, changed into a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt, and rubber shoes, told my lola I was going out for a walk, and went out the front gate. I just had this strong desire to walk and just get lost. The feeling was bothering me the whole time I was working on my english and science papers, and finally I was done.

I decided that I wanted to walk around the village connecting to ours, since there were so many places there that I'd never seen before. I discovered all the dead ends and closed gates all while listening to Jon Foreman. His work's pretty amazing. You should check it out if you have the time.

The breeze was really amazing. I loved the way the leaves danced with it and how the trees swayed. Everything was beautiful and quiet. My mind was empty and happy.

One of the highlights of my walk was seeing this old, fat man with white hair. He was one of those guys who have humongous bellies, but keep their shirt up to reveal it anyway. At first, I was kind of scared because he was approaching me. His hand was up, so I did what I thought was the best thing to do. I high fived him and carried on. I kept on laughing after that. I have no idea why. It just seemed really funny.

I also walked by a bunch of boys, about ten years old, playing basketball. They were chubby and Chinese and were so cute. I wanted to befriend them, but some stairs distracted me because I wanted to see where they led.

My curiosity is what made me lose myself in the village. Every time I saw some stairs, a bend, twist, or turn in the road, I just had to know where it led. I ended up trespassing several properties while doing so. Who would say no to a wide open gate leading to trees and rocks?

There was also a wall that I climbed. When I was over it, I found myself in a a huge pile of rocks and rubble. I loved it. I could see the almost whole village from up there.

I am so doing this again sometime, and I'm bringing a camera with me. And some friends, too. You longboarders will most probably like it here.

My house seems so boring now after that. I'm spending my summer outside.

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