Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Best Yet

I partied hard yesterday.

Haha, sort of.

I had our class party, VCIS ballet party, and the Acts Manila ballet party all in one day. I ate less than I thought I would, so yay for self control.

I'm super thankful to all my friends who gave me gifts! I'm broke this year, so I wasn't able to buy anything for you guys. I made a bunch of bookmark card things with quotes and verses instead. Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Thanks for all the gifts!

Candy canes from MargeAiah, Jem, and someone (forgot who)
Candy cane striped mug from Jem
Ladybug and flowers ring from Pastor Roy and Tita Baby

Xtreme Faith by Kelly Carr from Bea
Red pouch from Jenny

Magnetic frame from Ms. Janette and Ms. Arianne
Fully Booked GC from Kim
National Bookstore GC from Nick

Stuffed toy phone strap from Sweet
Smiley blue earrings from Meg
Gold notebook from Janine

Silver chain from Thirdy
Dogtag from Aiah

Paramore is still a band baller from Sam
Spongebob baller from Lys
Masquerade ring from Krisa

Little Miss Paramore shirt from Jayson
U Mad Bro? shirt from V
Excuse Me I'm Filipina shirt from Ji

I got the best exchange gift of my life this year. Nick gave me a HUGE roll of bubble wrap! I loved it so much because the whole class had fun popping it! It was a gift for everyone as well as me, and it was the best. Nick even hid a National Bookstore GC inside the bubble wrap. Thanks super much, Nick!

Yesterday turned out to be waaaay more fun than expected. Hope Christmas break turns out to better than expected, too.

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