Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hangin' with Quiet Girl

I had a good time yesterday. I celebrated Jenny's birthday with her, her mom, and guardian. Jenny invited some other people, but I was the only one who came, so yeah.

We ate in this Korean restaurant named Ye Dang. If you haven't tried it yet, you should! The food's really good.

I felt so conscious while using chopsticks because I was surrounded by people who've been using chopsticks daily their whole lives. I seriously suck at picking up flat pieces of food. And noodles.

Jenny didn't talk that much in Ye Dang, but she still talked! Her mom didn't really know how to speak English, so it was mostly her guardian who asked me questions and stuff.

Here's a picture.

in Ye Dang

After we ate, Jenny wanted to go to Starbucks in Robinsons Galleria. So, the both of us walked to the mall while her mom and guardian headed home. I thought it'd be really awkward, but it wasn't!

In fact, Jenny wouldn't stop talking. She kept on starting conversations and making jokes. If you guys wanna know, her speaking voice is a bit lower than mine and she has an accent. She can speak English well, though.

There were times when I'd just think to myself, "IS THIS JENNY? DID SOMEONE SWITCH BODIES WITH HER OR SOMETHING??" She was that different. She even laughed, okay. She laughed HARD. Our topics were mostly school, her life in Korea, and her life here.

She wouldn't stop laughing when I asked her if she found Richmond annoying. Also, she said she didn't care if I gave Richmond her phone number (because he kept asking for her number last week). She even got his number from me to sort of prank text him.

If you're asking why she's so shy in school, don't ask me. I asked her that, but she herself doesn't know. My guess is that she's more comfortable with fewer people around her.

It's gonna be weird remembering yesterday, going back to school next year, and being her seat mate with her being all quiet again. I really had a lot of fun yesterday, and I'm glad I went.

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