Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunburn is so painful

We spent Holy Week in Coron, Palawan. It was really fun and awesome! We stayed there for five days and four nights. The place we stayed at is called Princess of Coron.

I find the owner freaking awesome 'cause he's an Austrian, but a Pinoy at heart. He can't speak English! Only Tagalog and his mother language. Also, his wife's Filipina, and he's been living in Coron for 25 years! Well, gotta love our country. : P

When we saw him, we were like, "Good afternoon, you have a nice place" blah blah blah then he suddenly smiled and said, "Hindi ako marunong mag-Ingles." 

So you won't get bored, I'll just spare you the details and summarize it.

Day 1

I. Mt. Tapias- we climbed about 750 steps to get there
                    - there's a cross on the top which lights up at night
                    - it got its name after being bombed by the Japanese during WWII

II. Hot springs- pools of natural hot water coming from the mountain
                      - freaking relaxing
Day 2

I. Island hopping

   A. Banol beach- a nice beach with white, powdery sand

   B. Twin Lagoon- two pretty lagoons connected by an underwater tunnel
                            - Dad and I were the only ones who dived under to get to the other lagoon

   C. Barracuda Lake- a lake home to only ONE barracuda :))
                                 - the SHALLOW parts are 40-50 ft. deep
    D. Siete Picados- aka Seven Sins (don't ask me about the legend behind its name--the tour guide said the story wasn't good for kids)
                              - lots of nice corals and fishes
                              - we fed the fish
                              - there used to be starfishes there, but tourists kept getting them and leaving them on                          
                                the boat, so they dried up and died

Day 3

I. Calauit Island- the island Marcos filled with animals
                        - we fed giraffes and little deers
                        - saw zebras, civet cats, wild hogs, and porcupines

Day 4

I. Snorkeling

  A. Calumbayan- so much pretty corals in the shallow area
                          - the corals were purple, blue, violet blue, orange, lime green, and other colors!!
                          - the current and waves were SO STRONG

                            - lots of fish! I also saw swordfish
                            - SO MUCH PLANKTON I DIED

II. Shipwrecks

   A. Japanese gunboat- was bombed by the Americans
                                     - I almost touched it, but couldn't breathe anymore. The boat's 10-15 ft. from the water's surface, so yeah

   B. Another Japanese gunboat- was also bombed by the Americans
                                                  - WAYYY bigger than the first one
                                                  - covered in corals and had lots of fishes swimming around
                                                  - I was able to touch it!!! ('cause it was low tide)

Day 5

Off to Manila

Hope this interested you at least a bit. 


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