Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Opening

Last night, I had the awesome privilege of watching Switchfoot live in Phil Sports Arena, formerly known as ULTRA, with Yana. I love Switchfoot so much djfhdkjfalksjdfhaskdjfg

The concert was supposed to start at 7:30 pm, but due to some unknown delay, it started at 8:30. So Yana and I were lining up outside ULTRA for more than half an hour. Every time we'd move a step, we'd cheer. I think we seriously pissed off the people around us. How and why? Well, we...

1. Made singit
2. Talked loud
3. Laughed loud
4. Copied Thirdy R's yell when Yana dropped the tickets

When we finally got in, we went to the merch table and got some stuff. Yana got a shirt, and I got a CD, The Best Yet: Deluxe Edition.

A band called Imago was the front act and they performed three songs. Akap, Sundo, and Effect Desired None. It was so awkward 'cause everyone knew the song, but me and Yana were so NR 'cause we didn't. We just commented on the girl's voice and her tank top.

When Switchfoot came out, I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd been waiting for that moment for so long. I never dreamed I'd actually get to see them LIVE. The first thing I thought was, "THAT'S JON FREAKING FOREMAN AND HE JUST STRUMMED HIS GUITAR." =))))

The concert was freaking unbelievable. Jon's (lead vocals) voice was so pure and strong and beautiful. It was like a dream. I seriously pinched myself several times and kept blinking to make sure it wasn't a dream.

Jon kept saying stuff like, "Manila, you're beautiful!" "Manila, you're incredible!" "I keep saying this, but Manila is seriously one of my favorite places." "Astig kayo!" Turns out that Jerome Fontamillas (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals) is Pinoy. He even greeted us in Filipino.

The best part was that, before the show, Yana and I were discussing what songs they would play. Our guesses were correct! We said they'd open with The Sound and then close with Only Hope and Dare You To Move and they did!

Here's the line-up. It was so incredible, I'll never forget it.

1. The Sound
2. Stars
3. Bullet Soul
4. Gone
5. Your Love Is A Song
6. Free
7. Always
8. Awakening
9. Meant To Live
10. Mess of Me
11. Learning To Breathe
12. This Is Home
13. We Are One Tonight

The only song I didn't know was We Are One Tonight, but I learned it quickly, so I was able to sing along. After We Are One Tonight, the lights all went out and they left the stage. We started chanting, "WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!" Then, they came back and asked if it was alright if they sang three more songs. Of course, we screamed our approval and they played...

1. Only Hope
2. Hello Hurricane
3. Dare You To Move

Then, it was finished. It was so freaking fast I couldn't believe it was done, but it was. Yana and I went to the VIP area and tried to ask for picks, but no one gave us any :))

I was smiling all the way home. The experience was so wonderful, and I hope with all my heart that they come back.

So, it's done, and I'm suffering a serious case of post concert depression. I'm seriously hungover. My CD and playlist have been on repeat the entire day (and even last night after the concert) and I woke up so sore, but extremely happy. My throat's painful from major throat abuse, neck from head banging, arms from being lifted up so high, legs from jumping and standing so long. But, whatever.

Imagon source

L-R: Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jon Foreman, Jerome Fontamillas, Drew Shirley source

Jon Foreman source

Tim Foreman source

Chad Butler source


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