Tuesday, 9 November 2010

You Can Only Relate If You Know Maximum Ride, Daniel X, or Witch And Wizard

so, i was bored and wrote a story in max-dan-wiz.com. it's called MaxDanWiz Chapter 1.

She drummed her fingers on the table.

He cleared his throat.

She checked her watch.

They waited impatiently for him.

He was late. Three minutes, to be exact. And he was supposed to be The One Who Is The One.

The Prayer finished clearing his throat, and put his hand to the gun that rested on his hip. He was itching to kill somebody.

Rachel Hagen tried not to show her irritation. It had taken her so long to get these people together, and now her most important guest was late. If he didn't show up, she'd ---

"I'm sorry I'm late, Ms. Hagen." Rachel didn't even hear him come into the room. She nodded a greeting at The One Who Is The One and took a good look at him. He was just as she had imagined him to be. Lord Voldemort, that is. Tall, bald, with piercing bluish gray eyes, and pale, chalk-white skin, he was the closest thing to the Dark Lord. He was so skinny, he looked as if someone had taken a handful of skin and stretched it all over his bones.

"You must be The Prayer," The One Who Is The One said to the alien. He was talking to the most wanted criminal in the universe. He had to choose his words carefully. One mistake and he was dead. "I've heard quite a lot about you. Very impressive things, actually."

"I didn't come here for flattery," The Prayer said as-a-matter-of-fact-ly. But it was obvious that he was pleased. "I'm here to discuss the possible alliance the three of us might have."

Rachel cleared her throat. "Maybe I should start, since I organized this meeting."

"Please, Ms. Hagen, no one's stopping you from talking," The One Who Is The One replied, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table, his fingers knit together. Rachel resisted the urge to make a sassy remark, but refrained from doing so.

"We are all gathered here today because we all have something in common. Something we thirst for. Some people we want, excuse me, need to kill." She pulled out several labeled pictures from her bag and spread them out on the table, facing The One and The Prayer. She pointed to one picture, the one with the face she hated the most.

"Maximum Ride. Age 15. Stubborn. Aggressive. Nearly killed my father, Dr. Hans Gunther Hagen. Flock leader. Kill her, and they all die with her." She cocked her head toward the pictures of the rest of the flock.

"Doesn't look like much of a threat to me," sniffed The Prayer.

"She has been a great annoyance to The New Order," said The One Who Is The One. "She and her so-called flock have been destroying different areas of the country, and it's taking a great deal of money to repair them. It slows down the construction of The New Order."

"Can you take them out for me?" asked Rachel.

"I'll help you, if you help me take these two rats out," The One Who Is The One slid a couple of pictures across the table. Rachel caught one, and The Prayer studied the other.

"Wisteria and Whitford Allgood. Aged 15 and 17 respectively. Witch and Wizard," The One Who Is The One hated the very sound of their names.

"Witch and Wizard, eh? With magical powers? Challenging. I like it. I'll take them out," The Prayer grabbed Wisty's picture from Rachel and studied it, too.

"What about me?" Rachel almost whined. The Prayer raised an eyebrow, a huge lump of green skin rather, slid her some pictures, and picked up the picture of the blonde, blue-eyed boy.

"X. Daniel X. Alien from the planet Alpar Nok. Has the power to create and time travel. Oh, and I suggest killing his friends in front of him, one by one, before killing him. Makes the death more painful." The Prayer smiled evilly.

Rachel and The One Who Is The One joined in the smile. Alone, they were dangerous. Together, they were unstoppable. Their teen aged enemies didn't know what was coming. And by the time it hit them, it would be too late.

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