Thursday, 28 October 2010

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day just wasn't the same this year. Know why?

'Cause we didn't do a dance number.

Well, it still went well... kinda. There were a few numbers, one which I was part of. Cleyanne, Lystra, Ange, and I played and sang You Raise Me Up. 

Cleyanne- violin, vocals
Lystra- vocals
Ange- saxophone, vocals
Sofia- piano, vocals

 Our number was an epic fail, though. We made SO MUCH mistakes and did wayyyy better in the practice.

Well, anyway, there was also a video for the teachers with some video clips of students talking about them and to them.

My favorite part was the end. When the whole program finished, we all yelled, 


and rushed to all the teachers and mobbed them with our hugs. For some reason, a certain teacher named TOTYAAH  was missing. Sort of. She was one of the last teachers we found. And when we did, we all yelled,


And, of course, we, all sweaty and hot, hugged Totyaah.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.     

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  1. why didn't you dance? honestly, i was kinda expecting one from you guys :D