Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MaxDanWiz Chapter 3

 "Are you sure she's not in the perimeter? She was here five minutes ago! Geez, I told her to stay right here," I angrily wiped the sweat off my brow. I was in the middle of a training session with Janine and the other Freelanders. Emphasis on the was, since we had spent the last five minutes looking for Wisty.

"Whit!” Janine called from behind me. I paused so that she could catch up with me.

“Hey, we're gonna find her, alright? Wisty can take care of herself," Janine touched my arm gently. I quickly pulled back and brushed her hand away, then immediately regretted it when I saw the hurt in her eyes for a second. I felt guilty and wanted to apologize, but the words wouldn’t come out.

"No, she can't. Isn't that why she's missing in the first place? Because you people thought she wasn't ready for training?" I muttered, as Janine walked away, continuing her search for Wisty.

I went back to the department, knowing that no one would be able to find Wisty. They must've quit anyway, since I heard the sound of Freelanders training outside. I sighed, and for some reason, I decided to go to the prophecy wall and check it out, even though I knew I wouldn't find anything new.

Boy, was I wrong.

The wall was moving. Well, it technically wasn't, but it seemed like it was, all these flashing colors and moving images of kids with wings and aliens. Wait---what? I peered more closely at the board, then all of a sudden the pictures started to fade. Instead, there was a message.



Find them.



As soon as I read the last word, there was a huge explosion outside of the department store. Kids were screaming and running and shouting orders. I started running as fast as I could outside so that I could lend them a hand. That's what the training sessions had been for, hadn't they? I pulled out the gun and started firing at the nearest alien. Oh my g--- did I just say alien? They do exist! What the heck are they doing here?

SPLAT! The alien gunk on my face brought me back to reality. I shook off as much gunk as I could and started firing at the fatal spots, well, for humans, at least. But the aliens still weren't dying. I have no idea how many bullets it took to gun that alien down. And nobody'd wanna even try fighting hand-to-hand combat with these guys.

"Whit! Go away! Get out of here!" Janine suddenly had my back, shooting and shooting and shooting. The air was hot and smelled of blood and burning flesh. The stench alone could’ve killed.

"I'm not gonna leave you!" I yelled back, hitting the next alien in the eye, and then the heart. To my surprise, it gave an ear-splitting shriek and melted. The disgusting pile of green slop eventually evaporated, its life hissing away with\ the sound of a hot kettle.

"PEOPLE! SHOOT THE EYES THEN THE HEART! I REPEAT, EYES THEN THE HEART!" Janine yelled to all the nearby Freelanders, pointing to the eyes and the heart of the alien and waving her gun around wildly in the air. Everyone seemed to understand, and soon enough, the aliens were all melting then evaporating into the air.

"Whit, they're after you. I swear, if you don’t leave right now, I’m gonna have to hand you over myself. You’re putting everyone in danger here,” Janine hissed into my ear before firing her next shot. I knew she’d never in a million years do that, but she was right. I was putting everyone in danger here. I gave her one last pat on the shoulder before taking off.

Dang it, I felt like such a coward! I was the one was supposed to save them, right? Yet here I was, running for my life as if aliens were after me. Haha. Get it? Aliens were after--- Never mind.

I ran and ran until I could run no more. I calculated my distance, and figured I must’ve ran about 10 k. Hey, I wasn’t about to let my athletic abilities be put to waste. As I rested against a huge debris, I decided that the best thing I could do now was find Wisty. But one thought kept poking me at the back of my head. Something I saw on the prophecy wall.


Hey, guys! Thanks for reading this : ) I need your help. I can’t decide if Whit or Wisty should meet the Flock, so I need to ask you guys to vote. Comment on your choice and say WHY you want your choice to meet the Flock. ( 4 comments! : D )

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