Saturday, 20 November 2010

so... what now?

okay, so you all know that last Sunday, (November 13, 2010), Manny Pacquiao fought Antonio Margarito in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, right? and you do know that he won, right?


Anyway, last Sunday, my dad and I watched in live in the cinema in SM Marikina. I've always wanted to watch  Pacquiao fight live with my dad and he promised last time that we could go, so we went.

it was so awesome.

I enjoyed watching even the fights before the actual thing. I got really excited cause there was another Filipino who boxed. He was so awesome and his opponent was lame. But guess what?

he lost. 

I loved watching in the cinemas because other stuff entertained me aside from the fight. Stuff like dudes shouting,

"Sipain mo!"
"Duraan mo!"  
"Wala na, wala na!"
"Talo na 'yan!" 
"Margarita! Ginawang babae, eh!"
"Uy, grabe naman 'yun!"

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at those crazy dudes in front and behind us. I especially loved it when that unknown-girl-with-a-slang sang Lupang Hinirang and everyone stood up, hands on their hearts. I felt so a;ldksfjq;owifja;sdklfm aslkdfcaksdjfapi proud of my kababayan.

Now that Pacquiao has EIGHT titles, what's gonna happen to him next? He's right.


Some people are saying he should retire na. But he shouldn't. There's one more Mexican he has yet to defeat.


The MalacaƱang Palace is running out of awards to give Pacquiao. They need to think of a new one.


Gotta go now. Need to sleep early. 

just kidding. 

It's 5:49 pm right now.




Forgot to post a picture of Margarito getting his face messed up in front of 750,000 people.



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