Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday :|

Monday is probably the worst day of the whole week. Cause that's when all the big projects are due, because the teachers always say that "we had plenty of time to do it over the weekend and we should use our time wisely and do our work first before we rest." Uh, okay.. but that's when all the homework piles up, so we didn't actually get a weekEND. It's the same thing as school, only it's at home. So I guess it's like homeschool, but not exactly like it. Okay, whatever.

Anyway, we had a super UNEXPECTED math quiz today. Well, not really unexpected, since Krisa warned us about it during lunch time. Turns out she was the only one who knew about it, so the rest of us just shrugged and went, "Oh, well."

For some reason, this year, I've this habit of taking a five minute nap during math quizzes. (Shhh, don't tell Ms. Babette) It's the PERFECT time to nap, cause it's right after lunch, my stomach's full, aircon on full blast, and COMPLETE SILENCE. Before I know it, I'm dozing off, and my test paper comes back to me with a grade not so pretty to look at. I try my best to stay awake, I really do. But it's just so nice to nap, you know?

The science quiz was pretty easy, because Ms. Janet gave us ALL the answers right before we took the quiz, so I'm kinda sure no one failed that one. Only, a lot of people either weren't listening, or Ms. Janet's voice is kinda soft, cause she's already on question nine, and people are raising their hands saying, "Uh, Ms. Janet? What's number four again?"
It was hilarious! She must've repeated question four at least five times before the hands stopped raising.

Mondays. They just never stop surprising you.

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