Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Whole Notes and Needle Points

Okay, let me just get this straight. I don't have anything against Charice herself. She's awesome, and Pyramid's been stuck in my head for a really long time, so, yeah..

Anyway, I don't think the words "eighteen-year-old singer" and "botox" should be put in the same sentence. All the more if you found out it was THE eighteen year old singer, CHARICE PEMPENGCO who got a botox AND skin tightening. Can you believe it?

According to Charice, she underwent the procedure to "look fresh on camera". Uh, sorry, but excuse me, Charice looks fine the way she is. Her round cheeks are actually one of the things that make her unique among the other singers. Even though her cheeks were round, she still had her fans by her side. She didn't need to change her look. Her publicist said that the Botox was for some muscle pain. Uh, okayyy.... And if, let's just say if, the botox was really for the muscle pain, then they should've treated it a long time ago. 

Another thing is that Charice is a  SINGER. She should be more concerned about her voice than her FACEEEEEEEE.

I really hope it ends there. I don't CARE if she's old enough to do surgeries and other thinggamajiggs, she shouldn't do anything more to her face. 

Look, she's got a great voice, a loving mom, awesome fans, does she really need cosmetic treatment to become better? I don't think so. Besides, even though she had round cheeks, she had tons of fans and lots of great singing opportunities. Dude, ANDREA BOCCELLI sang with her even though she had round cheeks. Well, that doesn't really count since he's blind and all, but... aw, you get my point.

Okay, so yeah...

Buh-bye :D