Saturday, 14 August 2010

Lessons From The Bathroom

 It's Saturday morning. I normally sleep in and either go out or use the computer the whole day. Not today. Today, I woke up at 5 AM and, guess what? I cleaned the bathroom AND washed clothes.

 My mom had been telling me to clean the bathroom since yesterday and to wash my clothes since Monday, but I stupidly decided to do both TODAY. I thought my whole Saturday morning would be wasted, but you know what? I actually came to realize a lot of things.

 The first thing I learned was that I should just wash my clothes the minute my mom tells me to, because I do NOT want to be washing seven pieces of clothing when I could've washed one a day. So I guess the real lesson's to just OBEY IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT QUESTION. 

  You know how your life seems to be so full of sin and problems you just feel so, I don't know...dirty? If you wanna get rid of that, you've gotta soak yourself in God's Word. Read your Bible and pray everyday. That's an old one, but it's definitely great advice. I thought of this while I was leaving my dirty tights in a basin of soapy water, and when I took it out, it didn't have a lot of dirt left in it.

   Just one brush can't take out all of the dirt. You need another one. That's the last thing I learned. You can't handle your problems by yourself. Talk to someone trustworthy about it, not just anyone who's willing to listen. Pray together, and continue to build each other up.

   Well, that's basically it. So, I'll meet you again in my next blog.

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