Monday, 13 August 2012

A Not-So-Embarrassing Story

If you asked me to list down the number of times strangers have caught me doing something weird, the list would go on and on and on and on and on. I don't think I'll be able to remember every single one of them, because there have been just too many times it happened.

We went to The Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio for my sister's birthday last Saturday, and it was really fun. It was nothing like what I expected. There were robots, shows, and the place was very interactive. It was really high-tech. Well, that's because the other museums I've been to are the National Museum and the GSIS Museum, so I don't know if you'll find it high-tech, but whatever.

Luis with Stan the T-Rex

So, anyway, there was a part of the museum where the visitors could video themselves talking or something, and either upload the video or delete it. You couldn't delete the video right away, though. You had to view it first, and then delete it or upload it wherever.

I decided to video myself dancing, since no one was around. I pressed 'record' and started doing the Gangnam Style AND Double Dream Hands. I also started making weird noises like moaning and wailing while going near the camera for an extreme close-up.

It was at that moment when I saw a couple walking toward my direction. I immediately stopped dancing and pretended to look at something else, waiting for them to pass by so that I could continue my dance.

Guess what?

They didn't pass by.

They stopped and conveniently decided to check out what that cool tv video thing in front of them was.  The video stopped recording, and the words 'PLAY VIDEO' flashed on the screen.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I yelled inside. I wanted to run away, but I also found the situation I was in extremely funny. The guy pressed 'PLAY VIDEO' and they watched my video.

I couldn't even look at the screen. The guy and the girl kept on laughing, and the guy even turned around and laughed at me. I just smiled and did a small thumbs-up sign. To make matters worse, my mom and lola were standing at the side witnessing everything, and my lola pointed at the screen and said out loud, "Is that you, Ia?"

I just hope that that couple didn't upload that video, or else... I don't know. Oh, and if you want an idea of what kind of dancing I did, just watch the videos on the links below, combine them into one dance, and there you have it. Plus the moaning and wailing.


  1. OMG. That's such a funny story. Can't believe they actually watched it and laughed at you. I can't wait to drop by the museum myself. It sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    1. Things like this ALWAYS happen to me :)) You should, and bring friends!