Thursday, 31 March 2011

Summer Cleaning : |

Guess how I spent my Thursday morning?


Cleaning out all my junk.

It was kinda tiring and all, but I'm glad I did it. Not just me, but Mom and my sister, too. My brother didn't take part (UNFAIR) because he was over in this guy's house. Anyway, that means more work for him tomorrow.  >:)

I was able to get rid of all my useless junk. Now, everything's so much cleaner! There's so much space in my cabinets. I also got rid of a few shirts and a pair of jeans.

Oh yeah, for breakfast, I had a Toblerone donut from Krispy Kreme and two slices of Mango Cream Pie from Red Ribbons.

Then, I went to ballet and sweated like a pig.

The end.


Have a gif or two.

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