Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dress Up Week- Stylish Hair Day

(Almost) everyone participated in an event we had in school called Dress Up Week. It started last Monday 'til two days ago, Friday. I guess we had it so that kids would be more eager to go to school. Except for Rap. He didn't go to school that week. We all think it's cause he had nothing to wear =)))))

Basically, in Dress Up Week, we had to wear something different everyday. Example, Monday was Hip Socks Day, so we had to wear hip socks, Tuesday was Athlete's Day, and so on. But I'm just gonna blog about Stylish Hair Day.

Well, as you can see from the name, we all had to funk up our hair on Stylish Hair Day. It was crazy, man. People colored their hair blue, green, red, purple, you name it. I guess Blase got mixed up with the bottles, cause his blond and orange-ish hair is permanent, I think. His hair's still like that until now. Well, anyway...

Other dudes wore wigs and it was hilarious! There were afros, bobs, Jack Sparrow hair, colorful afros.. It was really fun! And really, REALLY hard to wash off after.. :| I've got nothing left to say. Well, I actually do, but if I blog about everything I wanna say, the scrolling thing in the right's gonna be this tiny---> .   

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