Saturday, 21 August 2010

You're A Rebel..

.. if you say "Rebel"
.. if you chew gum
.. if you have a tatoo (yes, even the non-permanent ones)
.. if you play Bangsak (is that how you spell it?)
.. if you disobey the six-inch rule
.. if you run in the hallway
.. if you complain
.. if you wear a tank top
.. if you wear shorts or a skirt above the knees
.. if you talk back
.. if you bring an iPod
.. if you bring books or magazines that aren't related to school
.. if you color your hair
.. if your hair is messy
.. if you wear expensive jewelry
.. if you wear shirts advertising drugs
.. if you wear shirts with inappropriate messages
.. if you wear shoes with wheels on them
.. if you hit someone
.. if you bully someone
.. if you name call
.. if you disrespect someone
.. if you don't do your homework
.. if you don't finish your goals
.. if you forget your PACEs at home
.. if you blog about something like this


I'm a rebel.