Thursday, 26 August 2010

When You Become A Teenager

... you're suddenly considered an adult in restaurants
... you're allowed to do more things, yet still not allowed to do others
... you're more curious about everything
... you wanna hang out with your friends somewhere with no grown-ups 
... people overestimate you.. and underestimate you, too
... you're allowed to drink coffee!
... you get more responsibilities because you're "a big kid now"
... yet when you ask to go out by yourself, you're "too young"
... you start to like rock music
... all those pop songs you used to like seem so weird now
... you get more homework and projects 
... the days go by faster 
... you like to argue your way in and out of things 
... you get grounded
... you tend to "lose" things then find out you were sitting on them, or worse, holding them
... your memory suddenly drops down to 15%
... you cram five minutes before an exam
... you wanna order the kid's meals in restaurants because of the dessert, or just for the fun of it
... you say you'll be there in five minutes, but you haven't left yet
... you consider yourself busy when you're watching TV, playing video games, or using the internet 
... time flies WAYYYYY too fast
... everything's "not fair"
... eye-rolling is a daily habit
... music is your refuge
... you become reallyyyyy defensive
... you think the prank you played on your friend was real funny, then you tell it to your parents, and it turns into a life lesson
... chips and soda is considered a meal
... you start to hate life
... the things you never minded before are now part of your "Most Embarrassings Thing That Have Ever Happened To Me" list
... you realize a lot of advice you got when you were a kid were actually good ones, and you go, "I should've listened"
... when you do something bad, you come up with all these crazy ideas about what's gonna happen, and it normally ends with, "I'm gonna end up on the streets!"
... you wanna do stuff you considered weird when you were younger
... your parents look at you're doing when you're using the internet
... everything you do is monitored at school
... people don't trust you as much sometimes
... you'd rather get money instead of wrapped gifts for Christmas
... you ask yourself the same question, "Hmm.. What will I wear today?"
... you look at a wound and go, "When did THAT happen?"
... you get into trouble a lot 
... sarcasm is funny
... violence is funnier
... you look at little kid, and go, "Was I REALLY like THAT?!"
... you sigh and wish you were a kid again
... it's harder to make a decision because if I do this, this will happen, then this person will kill me, and that person will kill that person, but if I do that, then everyone will kill me, and.....
... you rant.  A LOT.
... you like stuff you can relate to.

Hope you liked this :D


  1. Ain't that right. :) I agree. We are like that. :))) wahahaha. :P

  2. ahahah.... :P its soooo TRUE!!!

  3. wahahahah XD thanks for commenting, guys :D