Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Regarding The Hostage Taking Yesterday...

Wow. That sucks. That just sucks. You're a Hong Kong tourist, hoping to have a nice, quiet vacation in the Philippines, then BOOM. You're a hostage in a BUS. I feel really bad for the tourists. Especially the ones who lost a loved one.

picture reference
 What really pisses me off, though, is that the SWAT team were just outside the bus, occasionally switching places and whatever else they were doing. (The picture's there) You know what pisses me off more? They tried to use a freakin' ROPE to tear off the door. A ROPE. A ROPE! Even my sister, who has no knowledge whatsoever of police issues, knows that to tear down something like that, you need  a CHAIN.

Also, the SWAT team made the stupid mistake of throwing the tear gas bomb in the bus. I mean, seriously, they should've thought of the HOSTAGES inside the bus. Yeah, sure, tear gas would make any other hostage taker surrender, but we're talking about ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza here. This guy's got about 17 medals. SEVENTEEN. I'm pretty sure he knows how to survive tear gas bombs.

 Oh, and also, I think we should train our SWAT team better because this incident has kinda shamed the police department. The Hong Kong government said that they were "very disappointed". Shoot.

Remember that civilian who got shot by a stray bullet? Yeah, I feel bad for him, too. But getting shot for me wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that after he was shot, they didn't treat him right away. Guess what? A bunch of camera guys came and TOOK PICTURES of the poor guy. Some people are just so usisera and inconsiderate X( X( X( X( X(!!!!!!!!!

Well, that's enough pouring out angry feelings for today :))



  1. You sound like you think the guys in the picture is our SWAT team. :s

  2. The Hong Kong government said that they were "very disappointed".

    I think the HK government was trying to be nice when they said this. "Very disappointed" is such a huge understatement. It doesn't even begin to explain what i felt after seeing last Monday's events.

  3. @AnoymousCoward why? it's not?